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“A major complaint from slender, busty, women are that shirts are fitted across the bust and baggy around the waist or the tops that are cute are impossible to wear a bra with. Our shirts are made from spandex cotton to stretch and fit along every curve. Our customers are ecstatic about this!”

– Lealyn Vassil, N-Dowd Founder and Designer

N-Dowd and not afraid to let everyone know.

My breast started growing when i was 10. Every few months I would have to up size to bigger bras until I stopped growing for awhile at the age of 13 at 28 DD. Back then department stores didn’t carry those sizes. If you were past a D the bras were plus size and band sizes didn’t go below 30. I had to wear a 34 C to compensate. I’ll never forget when the store lady measured me, my mom looked like she wanted to cry. I hated my breast. Not only was I made to feel abnormal when shopping but this instantly made boys treat me different. I was teased. I recall boys poking my boobs then running away. I would wear sports bras and extra large t-shirts to try to hide them. I took ballet and had to switch to modern dance because the teacher said my breast were too big to be taken seriously as a ballerina. “People will not focus on the performance because her breast are so big!” It wasn’t until high school I started to appreciate them. But the theme of not fitting in returned when I decided to model. Once again the focus was on my breast size. By then I was a 30 E. I was told designers would not want me in their shows because my breast would distract from their design. Thankfully, i did not listen like when i wanted to be a ballerina and i was able to do a few photoshoots and runway shows. Thru all of this as fashion became more my focus shopping became harder. No-one talks about the task of finding shirts that fit. It had to hug my breast but not make me look like I had a belly around the waist. Maybe show some cleavage but couldn’t expose my bra. Too tight around the bust and my breast will look smashed.

This is why I’m so passionate. I want N-Dowd to be the symbol of skinny, busty girl who are appreciated and not told what they can’t do. If N-Dowd was a woman she would be confident, a goal crusher, someone who gives 2 shits what you expect her to be. She’s not over sexualized but she’s not ashamed of her assets either. A brand where we aren’t seen as an abnormal size to be hawked at but to be celebrated.

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Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.

Coco Chanel

All fashion brands are about looking good. Being Human is also about doing good. And you can do good by the simple act of slipping into a t-shirt or a pair of jeans.

Salman Khan


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